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New Tourism Foundation

An Ideating Foundation for Tourism and Heritage

A council consisting of organisations, entrepreneurs and others working in the field of conserving, researching and promoting various aspects of Living Heritage.

Art & Culture Council


The promoters of
Hotels and Travel trade at a particular destination shall join this Council. They shall evaluate the activities required to promote destination thru create a cohesive group (Including Private and Government) to promote the destination.

Destination Promotion Council


This council consists of
heritage hotel owners and other institutions engaged in promoting built Heritage. To deliberate the way and means to keep the Heritage as Key Value Driver for Tourism and carry out advocacy and activities for same

Heritage Council


Hospitality and Tourism educational institutions and universities shall be member of this. This council shall evaluate the need of industry. Thereafter network within institutions, to modulate curriculum and training needs, to match tourism. Senior Industry resources may join as mentors.

Knowledge Council


Companies engaged in the marketing of tourism products using various online/offline tools will be part of this council. Bloggers/influencers/content developers/photographers/
videographers etc. will deliberate and forecast the trends of the industry.

Marketeers Council


A council consisting of Museums and Galleries owners and other institutions engaged in conserving and promoting Indian art and culture through Museums.

Museums Council


For each region & States, Hotel/Travel Trade/Transport invested in tourism will formulate this council. This council shall evaluate the best policies and practices for tourism and network with government for adaptability

Policy & Advocacy Council


Companies engaged in
technology support for tourism industry both for marketing and operations, with software solutions for travel trade/ hotels/ airlines/transport/Loyalty programs. They shall deliberate enhancing the guest experience and lowering
the utilisation cost.

Technology Council


Young achievers under the age of 30 years who wish to share their pathbreaking thoughts or achievements with their peers and inspire more to join the council.

Young Achievers Council