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Dekho Apna Desh Webinars - New Tourism Foundation

Dekho Apna Desh Webinars

Dekho Apna Desh Webinars Organised by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India


1) Webinar on Delhi – “City of Cities – Delhi’s Personal Diary” organised on 14th April 2020 may be viewed at

2) Webinar on Kolkata – “Calcutta – A Confluence of Cultures” organised on 16th April 2020 may be viewed at

3) Webinar on Mamallapuram – “The Monuments of Mammallapuram – Stories Etched in Stone” organised on 18th April 2020 may be viewed at

4) Webinar on Humayun’s Tomb – “World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism at Humayun’s Tomb” organised on 18th April 2020 may be viewed at

5) Webinar on Ladakh – “Ladakh – Explore the Unexplored” organised on 22nd April 2020 may be viewed at

6) Webinar on –“Making India an Inclusive Travel Destination For All”​  may be viewed at

7) Webinar on Varanasi –  A Visual Treat, विरासत, संस्कृति और व्यंजन  may be viewed at

8) Webinar on Northeast India – Experience the exclusive villages​  may be viewed at

9) Webinar on “Awadh Ki Sair”  may be viewed at

10) Webinar on “Exploring Pondicherry’s French quarter – French Connections”  may be viewed at

11) Webinar on “An epic called India – A land of myriad stories” may be viewed at

12) Webinar on “New Age Women in Responsible Tourism” may be viewed at

13) Webinar on “Destination — Sariska Tiger Reserve” may be viewed at

14) Webinar on “Bengal by the Himalayas” may be viewed at

15) Webinar on “Punjab – Beyond The Brochure” may be viewed at

16) Webinar on “Goa: Crucible of Culture” may be viewed at

17) Webinar on “Exploring River Nila” may be viewed at

18) Webinar on “Odisha – India’s Best Kept Secret!” may be viewed at

19) Webinar on “Mysuru :Craft Caravan of Karnataka” may be viewed at

20) Webinar on “Uttarakhand: Simply heaven” may be viewed at

21) Webinar on “BHOPAL: Tradition, Culture and Tourism” may be viewed at

22) Webinar on “Tigers and Tourism​” may be viewed at

23) Webinar on “BICYCLE TOURS – Exploring India at the pace of a pedal​​” may be viewed at

24) Webinar on “Culture & Tourism – Two sides of Goan economy” may be viewed at

25) Webinar on “NORTHEAST INDIA FOR THE IMMERSIVE TRAVELLER​​” may be viewed at

26) Webinar on “The Tenacity of Survival – Inspirational story of Kutch” may be viewed at

27) Webinar on “Haryana: Culture, Cuisine and Tourism” may be viewed at

28) Webinar on “India – A Golfers’ Paradise” may be viewed at

29) Webinar on “Wild Wonders of Madhya Pradesh” may be viewed at

30) Webinar on “Hidden Treasures of Chhattisgarh” may be viewed at

31) Webinar on “Trekking in the Himalayas – Magical Experiences” may be viewed at

32) Webinar on “Himachal – Around the Next Bend” may be viewed at

33) Webinar on “Vedic Food and Spices of India” may be viewed at

34) Webinar on “Ministry of Tourism : Webinar with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva” may be viewed at

35) Webinar on “India as a Yoga Destination” may be viewed at

36) Webinar on “YOGA & WELLNESS – An Offering for Challenging Times!” may be viewed at

37) Webinar on “Indian Motoring Expeditions (Driving Holidays)” may be viewed at

38) Webinar on “Unlocking travel & tourism safely & responsibly during COVID: A healthcare perspective” may be viewed at

39) Webinar on “Women of India – Shifting gears (Ministry of Tourism)” may be viewed at

40) Webinar on “Nadi vigyan :A complete solution for spinal disorders” may be viewed at

41) Webinar on “VISAKHAPATNAM THE CITY OF DESTINY” may be viewed at

42) Webinar on “Memoirs of 1857 – A Prelude to Independence” may be viewed at

43) Webinar on “Cellular Jail: Letters, Memoirs & Memories” may be viewed at

44) Webinar on “Lesser-known stories of India’s struggle for Independence” may be viewed at

45) Webinar on “Jallianwala Bagh: A Turning Point in the Freedom Struggle” may be viewed at

46) Webinar on “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – Architect of United India” may be viewed at

47) Webinar on “Cultural Heritage of Hyderabad” may be viewed at

48) Webinar on “Inspired by the past; Going into the Future” may be viewed at

49) Webinar on “Punjab – A historic perspective” may be viewed at

50) Webinar on “In the Footsteps of the Buddha” may be viewed at

51) Webinar on “Promoting Destinations with Authenticated Cuisines​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

52) Webinar on “The Mystical Triangle Maheshwar, Mandu & Omkareshwar​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

53) Webinar on “Rural Tourism: From Previous Niche to Future Norm​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

54) Webinar on “Gandhiji: The Bombay Years​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

55) Webinar on “Charkhe pe Charcha​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

56) Webinar on “Gandhi, Ahmedabad and Salt March​​​​​​​​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

57) Webinar on “Jewel of Vidarbha​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

58) Webinar on “Mystique Nagaland – Land of Culture, Adventure and Festivals​​​​​​​” may be viewed at

59) Webinar on “Bundi Architectural Heritage of a Forgotten Rajput Capital​​​​​​​​​​​​​​” may be viewed at