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New Tourism Foundation

An Ideating Foundation for Tourism and Heritage

New Tourism Foundation aims to act as a Think Tank, to provide policy and strategic inputs and options to Union Government, State Governments and the tourism industry and to also organize tourism promotion activities such as seminars, marts, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and round table discussions. It is led by a team comprising tourism experts from Government, Hospitality, Travel Trade, IT and Media.

The foundation aims to work on the following mission goals:

    • To consolidate and promote the competitive strengths and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of India Tourism.
    • Harnessing tourism potential of the country for its effects in employment generation and economic development.
    • Promoting cultural and heritage value of the country for productive utilization of heritage & cultural treasures of the country, as well as increase outreach to attract substantial numbers of International & domestic travellers.
    • To organise related activities such as cultural shows, fairs, festivals, Marts, expositions and other tourism related events with-in India and globally and to assist, support and facilitate such events

The foundation also aims to create awareness among people for preservation of cultural and natural heritage tourism of India and to also engage in curating, assisting, supporting, developing, restoring and managing tourism products in the field of heritage, nature, adventure, luxury, eco-tourism, wildlife, cruises, rural, medical & wellness and other theme based tourism.


State Governments, Tourism Bodies, Travel Trade companies encompassing Hotels, Tour operators, Heritage properties, Art & Culture, Educational institutions,  Associations, Museums, Transport operators, any other companies with Tourism services may register in this section


Individuals involved in Tourism services / product encompassing Hotels, Tour operators, Heritage properties, Art & Culture, Educational institutions, Guides, Transport operators, Bloggers, Photographers, Influencers any other individual with Tourism interest may register in this section.