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Technology is Driving Seamless Hotel Room Design - New Tourism Foundation

Technology is Driving Seamless Hotel Room Design

Technology is Driving Seamless Hotel Room Design

Envisioning and creating a “home away from home” for valued guests – a space that is an oasis yet extremely functional – is very important, but designing a hotel room doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Technology has shown its effectiveness in so many areas of hospitality, so why should hotel room design be any different? Here are three key reasons why embracing a smart technology design solution can be a game-changing decision for hoteliers.

#1 – Transforming The Process Of Room Design

Operating a hotel is a 24-hour-a-day job, so any tool that delivers a streamlined approach to any aspect of developing and running a property is a welcome addition to the portfolio.

An online platform guides hoteliers in designing guest accommodations with ease and convenience, whether for a new-build or a re-design. Technology effectively transforms the process of transforming a hotel room space. But, there should be more to it than determining where to place beds, desks and dressers. Maintaining brand standards is crucial, so select a web-based solution that allows hoteliers to access brand standards while planning the space. View examples of rooms in 3-D based on a brand’s minimum requirements and room size, keeping the process simple and straight-forward.

A technology solution for hotel room design caters to the changing behavior of today’s developers and owners who are increasingly tech-savvy and crunched for time. is a newly-launched, all-in-one digital design and procurement solution created by hospitality industry veterans and led by an all-female team, offering hoteliers an innovative process at scale. They currently work with Choice Hotels, Hilton, IHG and Marriott, targeting these flags – Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Sleep Inn, however will expand those in 2021. The platform is easily viewable on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, so designing hotel accommodations can be done from virtually anywhere and at any time.

#2 – Elevating Design Efficiency

Efficiency without sacrificing quality is one of the mainstays of successful hotel operations, and this principle certainly can apply to hotel room design achieved through technology.

An easy-to-navigate, web-based platform helps expedite project timelines and eliminates any guesswork of what the design will look like. Since maintaining the bottom line is often top-of-mind, hoteliers can get a quick quote once information has been entered into an online platform and immediately know if a new-build or property improvement plan project fits into the current budget. Once a design has been created (and a quote prepared), it can be sent to the brand flag for much faster approval. This simple process increases the speed with which a design project can be launched. And, whether managing single or multiple renovations or new-builds, an online portal can be the solo home to all design projects.

Working with one company from start to finish delivers a continuity of service. From design to approach to delivery, everything is done on time and on budget, so the hotelier’s focus remains on operating the hotel business and delivering the highest levels of service to guests and staff.

At, the team’s designers review each hotel’s design to ensure all brand standards are being met and timelines adhered to, allowing projects to move forward without delay. And, while an online platform delivers a streamlined process for design projects, hoteliers still have access to human support and responsive customer service, which are crucial for addressing any questions or concerns hoteliers may have throughout the process.

#3 – Technology Delivers Transparency

The value of transparency should never be underestimated when designing hotel accommodations. Hidden costs can be the downfall of the project. Use an online design platform to see the cost per room and cost per item in the procurement of supplies in order to avoid financial surprises and better maintain budgets.

Transparency in product sourcing and delivery is also essential. When planning a hotel room online, hoteliers can ensure that products not only meet brand standards but are procured from brand-approved vendors. Creating that special space for valued guests means nothing without the materials to finish the room – hoteliers can order furniture, fixtures and equipment (including case goods, windows coverings, soft goods, art, mirrors and flooring) and set the date for shipment, ultimately minimizing delivery surprises and moving forward while maintaining timelines. A design process that delivers transparency also cultivates confidence in the overall project and allows hoteliers to focus on their other development and management responsibilities.



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