TERMS & CONDITIONS ( these will appear on a separate page and we shall be able to add more clauses to it )
This Form is only an application form and not a confirmation of your enrolment at desired category. The same will be evaluated by a Administration committee& will then get in touch with you regarding your status of registration. The Committee of the NTF Trust reserves the right to reject a completed Form without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Form shall be treated as complete only after receiving the related fees. Any form without fee will not be considered for scrutiny by committee

If the Committee approves your form and registers you:
1. You agree to participate in the issues related to strengthening the cause of Tourism in India.
2. You agree to hold the confidentiality of the issues discussed within the Forums .
3. You agree to provide relevant supporting documents for the issues raised by you and possible solutions.
4. You will have the option of participating in the events, marts, shows organised by the New Tourism foundation. You will get special tariff for the events which are registration (against fees).
5. Where ever possible the New Tourism foundation looks forward to your support in putting up the event/seminar show etc. You agree to assist.
6. You agree that you will render services to the New Tourism Foundation on Charitable basis. You will not claim for any travelling and transportation/accommodation charges etc.
7. You agree that will keep the foundation of your participation in an event within three days of receiving the information.
8. The confirmation for participation shall be on first come first serve basis and limited seats may result in denial for late confirmations.
9. You further agree to adhere to related protocol, where ever events are organised with government officials or embassies or any other bodies.
10. The registration is for one year only.
11. In case of institutional member, only nominated persons shall participate in meetings, the registration will be in the name of organisation.
12. As a mentor you will advise the young professional purely on your own and that will have no bearing on the New Tourism foundation.
You further confirm that:
1. You are more than 18 years old.
2. You are actively involved in the Travel & Tourism Industry.
3. You are aware that spouse and children are not allowed.
4. You are understood the terms & conditions laid down by the organization and will abide by the same